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How to clean your grout with baking soda!

Melissa Maker, host and co-creator of the Youtube channel Clean My Space, shares useful, time-saving cleaning tips with her nearly 400,000 Youtube subscribers. According to the Clean My Space website, viewers from 165 countries have taken Melissa's expert advice on cleaning products, tools, and DIY substitutes. 
In a Youtube video from March 2011, Melissa answered a question from Lucy in Cambridge about how to clean her stained grout. Melissa explains, grout may be found in your kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and showers. It gets grimy, because grout is porous and absorbs and traps dirt. Melissa shares her quick and simple DIY solution for whitening and brightening grout, while also prolonging the life of healthy, clean grout.
To follow Melissa's method, you will need a spray bottle filled with water, a cleaning toothbrush, cotton cloth, and baking soda. First, spray the grout with water. Next, apply baking soda to the grout line to form a paste. Wait 15 minutes and then spray once more with water. Scrub the grout line with a cleaning toothbrush, wipe it clean with a cotton towel and admire your newly clean grout. 
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