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How to remove carpet stains using a hot iron and Windex

If carpet stains have got you down, look no further than Sonja Foust, the Pintester, to cheer you up. It is her mission to "fail at Pinterest pins so you don't have to" by testing out the crafts, DIY projects and life hacks that she finds on Pinterest and reporting them to you. In this case, she tackles a carpeting cleaning hack that doesn't require an expensive appliance. 
Armed with a couple common household items, the Pintester tested this carpet-cleaning method by tackling a mysterious brown carpet stain that she decided to blame on her dog. And it worked, although she may have gotten a little overzealous on subsequent stains. Overall, though, she declared the method a win, because "a minimally scorched towel is not really a fail when you're me."
The Pintester gathered a hand towel, an iron, and some blue Windex. She notes that the blue kind of Windex was specifically advised against in the article she saw, but went for it anyway.
First, she squirted the stain with the Windex, then ironed it through the hand towel.
It seemed at first as if nothing would happen, but then...
...the mysterious brown stuff was seen more on the hand towel than in the carpet! Be sure to read the Pintester's original post -- not only for her advice on what not to do, but also to find out how she ended up with a "minimally scorched" towel.
When you're doing this at home, follow up the spot-cleaning with an overall cleaning by using a solution made of inexpensive and natural ingredients in your steam cleaner. 
After your carpet is nice and clean, try a homemade deodorizer for added freshness. Tip: adding lavender essential oil will help to repel fleas and other little carpet bugs.
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