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How to clean stove burnings without all that scrubbing!

This woman's stove burners were grease-spattered. However, she found a way to clean them that DIDN'T involve heavy scrubbing. The secret? Basic ammonia. The trick comes courtesy of Vivienne, the brains behind The V Spot blog. A mother of four, Vivienne is a dedicated DIY enthusiast who loves sharing her own passion for home projects, crafts, cooking and funny stories.
Her tips for cleaning grease-stained stove burners will surely be a welcome relief for anyone who struggles with cleaning his or her stove top. Not only will Vivienne's method save you time and elbow grease, but it will also help with the pennies in your pocket. The post from 2011 has been widely celebrated among The V Spot fans, as well as fellow bloggers, like Made From Pinterest, who tried out the method and was very happy with the results.
All you need is a gallon zipper bag, a regular zipper bag and ammonia. Vivienne stresses the importance of using simple, basic ammonia and not trying to mix it with bleach or any other substance.
Take 1/4 cup of ammonia and seal it with one of the burners in a gallon zipper bag. Leave the bag out on a cookie sheet overnight so that the fumes can dissolve the grease and hardened oil. The next day, simply wipe it clean using a sponge.
Fore more detailed instructions, visit The V Spot.
Stove burners aren't the only surfaces that can be effectively cleaned with ammonia. In fact, it is a common cleaning agent found in many store-bought cleaners, according to Thrifty Fun. When used alone, ammonia is a great solution to clean electric ovens, remove bath tub soap scum, clean bathroom tiles, repel moths, and make crystal sparkle, according to Readers Digest. 
However, it often comes mixed with harsh chemicals that aren't essential to cleaning and can in fact be harmful. Always make sure to do your research before experimenting around the home with it!
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