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How to clean and season a cast iron skillet

A food photographer, crafter, and cook, Kendra is also a mother of two and the "kreator" behind the blog, The Kreative Life. There, she tackles everything from food to DIY projects and even beauty. In a blog post from December 2014, Kendra describes the collection of cast iron skillets she amassed, admitting her "grand dream of collecting them, cleaning them, cooking with them, and having a beautiful display set up just for them."
However, despite procrastinating cleaning the skillets, Kendra recalls that she eventually found "a few recipes I want to try out, so I decided that it was finally time for me to get my hands dirty (literally) and get to cleanin."
Kendra's cleaning solution is simple and requires no more than baking soda, water, and a copper scouring pad.
To clean the skillet, use a copper scouring pad and baking soda to scrub off the rust. Add water to the skillet and continue scrubbing until the water turns murky. Eventually, the water will run clear out of the pan and you will be impressed to see the skillet looking as good as new.
Looking for a more detailed description of this kitchen hack, as well as how to season your new squeaky clean skillet? Check out Kendra's website, The Kreative Life!
Looking for other methods to clean a cast iron skillet, beyond the technique Kendra offers? The Kitchn recommends using kosher salt instead of baking soda, while Doctor Oz swears by club soda. One thing that remains constant across recommendations, is the necessity of seasoning the skillet with oil to maintain it's strong, durable condition. The Kitchn offers easy to follow directions for doing just this.
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