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How to remove old grout and caulking

Mitch and Leslie are behind the lifestyle blog Oh, the Fun and recently one of their home improvement projects made a splash online. The couple had featured a bathroom makeover on their website before, but they excluded sharing pictures of their shower with their followers. Leslie later explained she was ashamed about the mildew-covered caulk and grout around her shower tiles and bathtub.
The dirty shower was inherited when the couple moved into the house, but luckily it didn't have to stay unsightly forever! On their website, the couple mapped out a step-by-step instructional outline for turning their bathroom nightmare into the shower of their dreams. 
Before the couple started, the shower was covered in mildew that no amount of cleaning could remove. 
Before Mitch and Leslie could get to work, they had to get their materials in order. They  planned to completely redo the caulking and grout, so they needed tools such as sandpaper, a grout saw and grout float. 
The first step was to grind out the old grout. After the couple removed the old grout, they were able to entirely reinstall it. After some minor setbacks, it ended up looking amazing!
Next up, the tub's caulk needed to be removed and replaced. To see Mitch and Leslie's step-by-step instructions, make sure to check out their website for more info. Their blog also features more photos of their setup to help give you an idea of the labor involved. 
Unfortunately, the couple fell into a common grout pitfall. While wiping away the excess grout from the top of the tile, they accidently removed the new grout. The Family Handyman offers a few tips to avoid this problem: Avoid grouting too much area at once, and don't remove excess grout with a sponge that's too wet. If water drips from the sponge, it has too much water.
Luckily, Leslie and Mitch's shower renovation turned out to be an absolute success!
It wasn't an easy, but the effort was worth it! If you were impressed with the couple's bathroom progress, make sure to SHARE this post on Facebook!
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