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The benefits of adding white vinegar to a load of laundry 

The first batch of vinegar was probably created by accident when a barrel of wine was stored for too long, according to How Stuff Works. When the cask was unsealed for drinking, the would-be partakers discovered that the wine was sour. Even though the first instance of vinegar probably disappointed its creators, that didn’t stop them from finding other uses for the substance as they began using it as a preservative and tonic.
In modern times, we are still using vinegar. It is something most of us have at home that we use from time to time, however, we don’t use it to its full potential. One of the places that modern people can use vinegar, but most probably don’t is in the laundry room. According to About.com, all vinegar contains acetic acid. It is the acetic acid that is responsible for brightening and whitening clothes. Though you could use any type of vinegar in the laundry room, white distilled vinegar is preferred because it is free of tannins that can stain your clothes.
According to How Stuff Works and About.com, you can use vinegar in your laundry room to do the following:
-Brighten and whiten white clothes
-Preserve colors in dark colored clothes
-Eliminate mildew smell
-Soften clothes
-Lessen lint
-Fight Arm Pit Odor
-Erase Hem Lines
-Get rid of cigarette odors
-Make blankets softer and fluffier
-Remove chemical irritants from new clothes
-Control static cling
-Remove soap reside from delicate clothing
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