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How To Cheaply And Quickly Remove Car Dents

Every car owner can identify with that feeling of anguish you get when you discover your vehicle is damaged. Whether someone else hit your car or it was damaged by a random act of nature, you're not going to be happy seeing that new dent. The worst part is that taking your car to the shop to get it fixed is often outrageously expensive.
This video, however, shows off a great way to fix minor dents or dings in a car with two household items. We don't know who this person is or where he lives, but what's important is the trick he shows off. He first heats up the dent with a hair dryer for a few seconds, then blasts it with a canned air duster right after, and instantly the dent is fixed. 
This works because when you heat up a surface, the molecules move around more and it expands, and when you cool the surface, the opposite effect takes place. So by doing both of these back to back, the car reverts back to its undented state.
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