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Brilliant ways to use muffin tins around the house

You're likely to find muffin tins stowed away in just about every kitchen you come across. In most cases, the tins probably don't get a ton of use — perhaps only when you get the sudden urge to whip up a sweet treat after binging on the newest season of "Cupcake Wars." But were you aware that muffin tins can be utilized in nearly ever room of the house?
That's right, dig those trays out of the pantry and take notes. Below you'll find several uses for muffin tins that you may have never expected. For instance, if you're big into arts and crafts, you can use a muffin tin to organize all of your paints.
If you often find your necklaces and bracelets getting tangled, consider using a tin to organize all of your jewelry. 
If you've got a date on the horizon and you're responsible for the cooking, why not try your hand at fondue? Be it sweet or savory, use a muffin tin to keep things tidy.
For those of you with a green thumb, muffin tins can make for an adorable succulent garden. Poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup for drainage purposes. 
Then fill the cups with soil and top them off with your favorite succulents. This would look great both inside and outside the house.
If you're hosting guests and feasting outdoors, use a muffin tin to hold condiments.
Taco Tuesday? Flip the muffin tin over and stick tortillas in between the cups. Then stick the tray in the oven and your homemade taco bowls are well on their way.
Stick a muffin tin inside a laundry basket and use it to carry large orders of drinks. This tip will come in handy now that picnic season is around the corner.
Similar to the taco bowl tip, flip the muffin tin over and stick dough on top of the cups to create biscuit bowls.
Looking for your next arts and crafts project? Try your hand at colorful bead coasters. Arrange the beads however you see fit and then stick the tin in the oven. 
Need a new way to start the day? Use a muffin tin to poach eggs. 
Hopefully you've learned a trick or two about utilizing muffin tins around the house. Which tip was your favorite?
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