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Man threw tea bags under his car seat. You have to hear the awesome reason why

Masking the smell of old takeout in your car with a lemon-scented air freshener may do the job if you don't have the time to do some cleanup, but it's still not quite ideal when you have other people in your vehicle. It's the same as tacking on an extra layer of body spray on top of your day-old BO: It's an improvement on just smelling bad, but it's really not a very good one.
Popular YouTube channel OnePotChefShow usually focuses on scrumptious recipes, but every now and then the chef will step away from the oven to reveal a clever life hack to make everyday life a little more pleasant. In this video below, an unusual trick to freshen up your smelly car is revealed: tea bags.
Pick a flavor with a fragrant smell and spread them out through your vehicle — under the seats, for example — and your nasty smells will not just be masked, they'll disappear. This is because tea bags are capable of absorbing moisture, The One Pot Chef explains, and can thus do a much better job of getting rid of those pesky smells.
Of course, if you want to go a step further, nothing will help like actually cleaning your car. One How To lists a few different ways to do that, with odor control in mind. The first thing it recommends is cleaning out your air-conditioning system, which can grow bacteria if left untouched for too long. The nasty smell coming from the bacteria will then naturally be blown out into the rest of the car. One How To recommends cleaning out the air conditioning every six months. Floor mats are also a usual suspect as far as smells go, for fairly obvious reasons. Make sure to take those out and clean them on a regular basis.
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