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Great ways to keep your fridge organized and clean

You decisively comb through organic produce. You read labels. You plan meals for weeks at a time. And then, you shove it all into your disorganized refrigerator until it emerges covered with mold. If it's time to get that fridge, check out these brilliant blogger tips that will keep things organized and cut down food waste.
Jenn, the blogger at "Clean and Scentsible" starts the process with her love for refrigerator bins. These clear plastic compartments keep everything in their place and save your from shuffling through dozens of items to reach jars in the back. Simply remove the bin you need, use the item and replace the bin. No mess. No spilled jars. No chaos.
While you're designating your bin, take on food waste directly, with an, "Eat me first!" bin. Move food with drawing expiration dates here on a regular basis to avoid confusion of duplicate items and reduce expired science experiments growing in the back corner.
Produce such as lettuce and other salad items often go bad prior to a week's worth of lunches. This quick tip utilizes mason jars to store single portions freshly until they're ready to hit the road.
Alton Brown continues to make us smarter in the kitchen. This tip featured in "The Krazy Coupon Lady" blog uses the bottom half of egg cartons to hold condiment bottles upside down for storage. This puts the days of endless squeezing for a drop of mustard firmly in your past.
Trays and baskets within drawers help you organize fruits and vegetables that clearly find their places in labeled drawers. A lazy Susan helps you find items in a crowded fridge faster without reorganizing each time.
If you constantly fall victim to lost leftover containers, keep them in plain site. Simply adhere magnets to the bottom of containers and stick them in plain sight to the metal walls.
Arrange freezer items by like items placed in bags. You can also make a special designation similar to the refrigerator's, "Eat me first!" bin that keeps older meat in the queue before freezer burn sets.
Reusing plastic bottle caps keeps bags upright and contents neatly inside.
Not enough shelf space in the freezer? A few plastic magazine racks provide instant storage for small bags of frozen foods or frozen entree boxes.
Finally, this tip helps the youngest members of the household keep the refrigerator tidy. Designate a snack zone for all the things little hands love to eat. This keeps them from redecorating your freshly organized refrigerator.
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