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How to clean a vinyl shower curtain (so you don't have to keep replacing it)

No matter how fastidiously we tidy up after every shower or bath, we all eventually face a nasty shower curtain. You know how it is -- the curtain or liner, especially the bottom several inches, gets discolored and slimy; possibly even moldy or smelly, depending on water conditions. And we all know how embarrassing it is to entertain houseguests with a curtain looking that scummy.
Tired of facing this problem every few months, Kristi decided to try something else. "I used to buy a new one every 4 to 6 months but I didn’t like the idea of throwing them away to sit in a landfill and we ran out of ways to reuse them a long time ago," she writes on her DIY blog, Chatfield Court. "So several years ago I figured I had nothing to lose and threw it in the washing machine."
Kristi simply took down her shower curtain and put it in her washing machine, along with two old white towels. She added some detergent and bleach and ran the machine on a hot water cycle.
When the machine was finished, Kristi used a laundry basket to carry the wet curtain back to the bathroom to hang dry. She's been doing it for four years now -- with this curtain! Visit her blog post at Chatfield Court for more detailed instructions, and you'll soon be saving money on shower curtains, too!
No washing machine? No problem -- vinegar, baking soda, and nonabrasive bathroom cleaners can also be used to clean shower curtains. The best part is, you can scrub the curtain there in the tub, rinse it, then hang the curtain right back up. Easy.
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