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How to make your own DIY 'Goo Gone'

The Make Your Own Zone is an inspiring call to get off the couch, break out the DIY supplies, and take control of home improvements. Beverly Leestma from Grand Rapids, Michigan has been writing The Make Your Own Zone since July 2010. "I like the feeling of being self sufficient and being able to go to my cupboard and whip together what I need with whatever I have available," says Bev. "I figured there might be a few other folks like me out there in the world who were self sufficient and frugal too," she explains of her motivation for writing her blog. 
Home-made 'Goo Gone' is one of Bev's most versatile DIY inventions. After struggling with scrubbing labels off glass jars, Bev dreamed up an all-natural and easy-to-make product using ingredients from her kitchen. This thrifty woman creates a solution that saves her money (and a trip to the store!). 
All you need to make Bev's 'Goo Gone,' is 1 part vegetable oil and 2 parts baking soda. Bev explains, the resulting mixture works because it is oily, yet abrasive. 
To test her solution, Bev dipped the edge of a paper towel into the mixture and then rubbed it over the sticky labels. After a few applications, the sticky gunk clumped and rolled right off the jar. Bev was very happy with the result, claiming she put in the same amount of elbow grease as she would using a store-bought Goo Gone. 
Baking soda is a magic fix-all for nearly all aspects of the home. When mixed with white vinegar, baking soda can be used to clean a stainless steel kitchen sink and all bathroom surfaces. According to Readers Digest, the same solution will remove stains from your carpet and brighten your clothes when added to your regular laundry detergent.  Baking soda can even be used in your daily beauty routine. According to She Knows, baking soda is effective as a teeth whitener, shampoo, facial scrub, sunburn soother, and foot scrub. 
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