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How to clean hard water stains using vinegar

The smell of vinegar may give you flashbacks childhood Easter egg dyeing, but once you get past the wave of nostalgia, you'll find a jug of white vinegar packs powerful cleaning power. Household tip blogger Erin of The Organized Life offers a great cleaning insight, instructing how to soak paper towels in vinegar in order to attack hard water stains.
This tip for removing hard water stains on faucets not only works perfectly, but also requires very little if any elbow grease, letting the chemical properties of the vinegar do all the work, while you're using your time on other projects.
By soaking a wad of paper towels in a bowl, the blogger creates a perfect "mask" for detoxing the stains. The towel is wrapped around the stained area for an hour before removing to find a cleaner surface. (Erin's full description of the cleaning hack can be found on her website, The Organized Life.)
Dawn Cosgrove of The Farmgirl Diaries has also experimented with vinegar-soaked paper towels and she reports that her faucet was left shiny and gleaming after attempting the hack.
Ashley Whipple from Cute As A Fox also attempted this cleaning tip and indicated after the fact that the vinegar-soaked towels were totally effective in removing hard water stains.
But removing hard water is just one area where vinegar really shines and cleans your kitchen. From removing rust from cast iron pans to cleaning can-opener blades to using as a glass cleaner when running through the dishwasher, vinegar takes control. It even handles those smelly garbage disposals by soaking with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. 
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