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How to make DIY natural hand sanitizer

Nowadays, it's not uncommon for most folks to carry around a container of hand sanitizer – especially if you've got little ones whose hands tend to carry a lot of germs. However, in an attempt to create a less harsh version of the product, Brooke from online parenting resource, What's Up Moms, concocted her own natural hand sanitizer. 
Brooke's version? It contains aloe vera gel, witch hazel, tea tree oil, and the optional Vitamin E and essential oils (depending on your preference). Brooke chose to use lavender essential oil for scent, although she recommends in the video's comment section that peppermint is another great option.
This natural hand sanitizer provides a gentler alternative to your typical store-bought hand sanitizer, whose primary ingredient is ethyl alcohol, thanks to its soothing aloe vera base. And in her video, Brooke also notes that natural DIY hand sanitizers have an added benefit: "they don't become bacteria-resistant like many of the commercial ones."
Would you give this hand-cleaning hack a try at home? Sound off in the comments and make sure to SHARE if you found this as clever as we did!
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