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Laundry hacks to make your life easier!

It's not a pleasant thought, but it's true: laundry machines are susceptible to germs and bacteria that get left behind after a load is completed. According to the LA Times, more than half of washing machines that were tested had been contaminated with coliform bacteria or E. coli. Bleach will kill these bacteria, but many people don't use an antiseptic detergent when washing their colored clothes. 
One solution has arisen on the internet to solve this unsanitary problem -- homeowners have discovered that adding a cup of mouthwash can help kill the illness-causing bacteria that normal detergent will leave behind. Lifehacker insists that in order to be effective, the mouthwash must be antiseptic (to kill bacteria) and must not contain artificial dyes (most brands don't) that would stain clothes.
For those who don't want to add mouthwash in with every load of laundry, a video produced by BuzzFeed also demonstrates that a user could just periodically add the mouthwash to a machine's rinse cycle without any clothes to get rid of bacteria. 
The BuzzFeed video shows off other "laundry hacks," such as adding salt to clothes to retain their vibrant colors. Soaking the clothes in salt water will prevent them from fading, or you could simply add 1/4 cup to every load of laundry to keep all the clothes from losing their colors. According to Craftsy, this method works because the chloride in the salt seals colors into the fabric.
Are there any other laundry hacks that you know about? Let us know in the comments section and make sure to share this story on Facebook.
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