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How to make DIY fizzing toilet cleaning tablets

Let's face it -- cleaning the toilet is one of the most hated chores of all. Jess Kielman, author of the Mom 4 Real website, probably speaks for most of us when she says, "The only kind of toilet cleaning I can really get behind is the kind where I don't have to put much effort forth."
Kielman set out to solve this problem, and the result is the recipe for her Toilet Cleaning Bombs. "Just drop a couple of these babies into your toilet and let them do the work for you!" she says. Give this recipe a try, and see if your toilets aren't immediately clean and fresh-smelling.
Kielman's recipe calls for water, baking soda, citric acid, and three different types of essential oils -- lemon, lavender and peppermint.
Just a small amount of water is needed, so whisk together the other ingredients first. Then add water with a spray bottle, little by little. When the mixture is just damp enough to be able to form a ball, you are done.
Fill an ice cube tray with the mixture and wait; every hour or so, scrape off what has risen and use it to fill another tray. Eventually you will have enough for three or four ice cube trays; let these sit overnight, then store in an airtight container.
Use one or two of the bombs in the toilet each week -- just drop them in and let them do their thing for about half an hour. If at first your toilets need extra scrubbing, just scrub and flush when the half-hour is over. Eventually, though, the bombs will be enough! Find the recipe for the bombs at Kielman's website.
Baking soda is a cheap and amazingly versatile cleaning tool. Use it to scrub burned-on food from pots and pans, to spot-clean pet accidents (or little-people ones!) from carpets, and to remove coffee stains that the dishwasher just can't get out. Its gentle abrasiveness and natural tendency to absorb odors make it an essential staple for any home.
What are your favorite non-cooking uses for baking soda? Tell us in the comments, then share this story with others who can make use of these fizzy cleaning tips!
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