Tips for the Home
Great ways to keep your fridge organized and clean
Instead of tossing out your old egg cartons, try this out! It will help keep things clean and organized....
By Wendy Tanielian
Tips for the Home
How to make a DIY spice rack using inexpensive cooling racks
Frustrated with messy pantry shelves, this crafty lady decided to take matters into her own hands....
By Roxanne Goldberg
Tips for the Home
How to clean oven racks in the bathtub using dryer sheets
Is it impossible to get the gunk off your dirty oven racks? This simple trick makes the cleaning process effortless....
By Roxanne Goldberg
Tips for the Home
Homeowner Uses A Candle To Keep His Tile Grout Clean
Tile grout can be difficult to keep clean because it's wedged between tiles where mops and sponges might miss. Grout can grow dark with time as dirt and debris fill the cracks between tiles. One unidentified man has found the perfect solution......
By Johnny Ornelas
Unclog a drain naturally with simple ingredients found in your pantry
Stop resorting to harsh chemicals that eat away at your pipes....
By Kathy Finney
Tips for the Home
Clever ways to use pool noodles around the house
Pool noodles can be used for so much more than just pool activities....
By Lia Blanchard
Tips for the Home
Use a string to unlock a car with pull-up door locks
It's a terrible feeling when you realize you have locked yourself out of your car....
By Maximilien Weinstein
Time-Saving Kitchen Tips
Household uses of borax to save time and energy
You typically find Borax hidden amongst the laundry detergents, but did you know about this use for it?...
By Angela Brown
Tips for the Home
How to make your own DIY 'Goo Gone'
Using ingredients from her kitchen, this thrifty woman creates a solution that saves her money (and a trip to the store!)...
By Roxanne Goldberg
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